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Temp And Temp To Perm

Some companies may find it impractical to allocate their entire recruiting team and significant resources to find the right personnel for short-term assignments, ranging from a week to a few months. That's where A1 Staffing Pro comes in.

Recognizing the critical need for timely staffing, whether for special projects requiring additional manpower, covering for a team member on leave, or temporarily filling positions before committing to a permanent hire, A1 Staffing Pro 's Temp to Perm model provides an ideal solution for on-demand temporary personnel.

Our experienced recruiters diligently match and present the most qualified candidates aligned with the client's expectations. Once the client identifies the right fit, the candidate's start date is determined. Throughout the trial period and as long as the client requires, A1 Staffing Pro assumes employer responsibilities.

A significant advantage of this model is the client's savings in both time and money. Termed as Pay-as-you-go, clients are billed based on the hours worked by the candidate. This flexibility empowers our clients to manage payroll, overhead, and hiring costs more efficiently. Like all of A1 Staffing's models, there are no setup fees, extra recruiting charges, or hidden costs.

In this model, clients are relieved of concerns about payroll expenses and other associated liabilities. A1 Staffing Pro acts as the payroll processing agent, shouldering responsibilities such as Taxes, Social Security Medicare, Federal Unemployment Tax, State Unemployment Tax, Workers' Compensation, PTO, and Benefits. Importantly, under this arrangement, candidates are considered employees of A1 Staffing, ensuring that the client's insurance premiums and unemployment rates remain unaffected by short-term staffing.

Key Benefits:

1. Efficient and timely access to temporary personnel.
2. Cost savings with a Pay-as-you-go billing system.
3. No setup fees, additional recruiting charges, or hidden costs.
4. A1 Staffing handles payroll processing, taxes, and benefits.
5. Clients' insurance premiums and unemployment rates remain unaffected.
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